Print / 2015

Goetia is a book made in order to explore expressive typography. The book’s source material and inspiration comes from the mythology of King Solomon and his seventy-two demons. Goetia features twenty of the seventy-two demons, each one was allocated one spread. The spreads were created with the use of spray paint, ink, oil paints and fine point pens, and represents my interpretation of the demons based of the descriptions found in the original documents.

During the process of laying out the book I realized that the primary spreads featuring the respective demons created too much visual stimulus and made the book one dimensional. To counteract this, I added spreads that were completely black with spaced out text; the body copy for these spreads consists of a summoning incantation that I found in the same document as the demons. The addition of these spreads allowed for the book to have a rhythm in between the black spreads and the primary spreads, and added a depth that the book previously lacked.