Ned: Visual Identity

Visual Identity, Print

The Team

  • Co-Founder & Project Sponsor – Andrew Fifer
  • Co-Founder & Product Owner – Joe Cafazzo
  • Product Manager – Sheena Melwani
  • Lead Designer – Laura Parente
  • Evaluator – Quynh Pham
  • Project Analyst – Hiba Shah

Besides working on the Ned app I also worked on assets for patient on-boarding. The on-boarding assets consisted of various branded emails and an information card. This was the first time any branded materials, out side of the app, were being designed. It gave me a unique opportunity to establish a visual identity for the application.


The emails are a big part of the on-boarding flow for the Ned application. It is the primary mode of communication between the Ned Team and the Ned users. I decided to take the opportunity to expand the Ned brand beyond what was present in the application. I introduced a brighter, friendlier colors partnering them with a set of patterns and illustrations with the intention of giving Ned a positive and energetic identity.

On-Boarding Info Card

The Ned information Card is the first point of contact between Ned and all potential users. Partnered urologists give their patients the information card that introduces them to Ned. The card’s purpose is to give the user more context about Ned and what the on-boarding process would look like.

There is also a second version of the card made for participants who were a part of a research study. The research study was in partnership with Trillium Hospital and University of Toronto. The research version of the card asked for patients to sign consent forms prior to making a Ned account.

The card was also a great opportunity to further refine the new identity and helped introduce new conventions.