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The Team

  • Co-Founder & Project Sponsor – Andrew Fifer
  • Co-Founder & Product Owner – Joe Cafazzo
  • Product Manager – Sheena Melwani
  • Lead Designer – Laura Parente
  • Front-End Developer – Anthony Tran
  • Evaluator – Quynh Pham
  • Project Analyst – Hiba Shah
From February 2017 - May 2017 I had the opportunity to work as a UI/UX design intern at HealthCare Human Factors. During my time there I was responsible for working on ‘Ned’. Ned is prostate cancer survivorship application. Its goal is to help patients with keeping track of all their test results and procedures. It also helps urologists with consolidating their patient's data and personal information.
Below are all the components of Ned that I worked on alongside the Ned team!

Ned App – Patient Extended Lab Flow

Extended Lab are part of the Ned app that displays the Free PSA and Testosterone test results. Free PSA plays a very important part in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. It helps doctors differentiate between prostate cancer and other prostate related illnesses.

Testosterone results are vital for patients who go through chemical castration. The purpose of showing the test results is to help them keep track of their testosterone levels.

Other than displaying test results the Lab section also shows the patient the following information:

Irregular Results

The level of PSA in the blood considered normal or abnormal changes quite often. As such there are times where certain results might not fit within the graphs parameters. In this case the the value is displayed above the graph to show that it isn’t part of the normal trend. Showing it to the patient keeps them aware and allows them to discuss it with their clinicians.

Amended Results

Amended results are test results that have been checked for a second time to verify their accuracy. In most cases that test result remains the same, however, there is a chance for the result to change. Most test go through the process soon after the initial test has been completed.

Once a test result has gone through the amended process an asterisk appears beside it. To educate the patient, a small paragraph appears at the bottom of the results to explain what it means.

The Flag

The green flag is an indicator for the patient’s past surgeries, biopsies, and/or other procedures. By tapping it the patient can see when it happened, and what procedure they went through.

Apart from working on the Ned application I also worked on assets for patient on-boarding. The on-boarding assets consisted of various branded emails and an information card. While designing the assets, I had the chance to introduce a new visual identity for Ned.

Ned Emails

The emails are a big part of the on-boarding flow for the Ned application. It is the primary mode of communication between the Ned Team and the Ned users. I decided to take the opportunity to expand the Ned brand beyond what was present in the application. I introduced a brighter, friendlier colors partnering them with a set of patterns and illustrations with the intention of giving Ned a positive and energetic identity.

Ned On-Boarding Info Card

The Ned information Card is the first point of contact between Ned and all potential users. Partnered urologists give their patients the information card that introduces them to Ned. The card’s purpose is to give the user more context about Ned and what the on-boarding process would look like.

There is also a second version of the card made for participants who were a part of a research study. The research study was in partnership with Trillium Hospital and University of Toronto. The research version of the card asked for patients to sign consent forms prior to making a Ned account.

The card was also a great opportunity to further refine the new identity and helped introduce new conventions.