Ui, Mobile App

The Team

  • Co-Founder & Project Sponsor – Andrew Fifer
  • Co-Founder & Product Owner – Joe Cafazzo
  • Product Manager – Sheena Melwani
  • Lead Designer – Laura Parente
  • Front-End Developer – Anthony Tran
  • Evaluator – Quynh Pham
  • Project Analyst – Hiba Shah
From February 2017 - May 2017 I had the opportunity to work as a UI/UX design intern at HealthCare Human Factors, a design and human factors consultancy in Toronto Canada. In the 4 months there I was primarily responsible for working on ‘Ned’, a prostate cancer survivorship application designed help patients manage their prostate cancer, as well as help clinicians with consolidation of their patients and all the lab and surgery results.
Below are all the components of Ned that I worked on alongside the Ned team!

Ned App – Patient Extended Lab Flow

Ned is a prostate cancer survivorship application design to help with managing the disease. As such one of its key functionalities is to display different test results for the clinicians and patients. My first project while working on Ned was to design the UI and UX for extend labs flow in the patient facing application, working in close collaboration with the lead designer. For context, the extended lab section displays results from tests that measure the patient's Free PSA and Testosterone. When it comes to prostate cancer, PSA (protein specific Antigen) test is the primary test result that clinicians look at when trying to diagnose for prostate cancer.

However PSA levels on their own don’t provide the full story and that’s where the extended lab results come in. They provide medical context and distinguish between prostate cancer or a noncancer related prostate issue.

The clinician facing app has around 12 different test results, however since that would be an information overload for patients, they are shown the most relevant, Free PSA and Testosterone, of the results.

Apart from working on the Ned application, I was also responsible for designing the graphical assets needed for the ‘Patient On-Boarding flow’. These included the designs for the emails that the patients would be receiving through the course of their on-boarding, as well as the information card they would get when they are initially introduced to the Ned application.

Ned Emails

The emails are a big part of the on-boarding flow for the Ned application. It is the primary mode of communication between the Ned Team and the Ned users. I decided to take the opportunity to expand the Ned brand beyond what was present in the application. I introduced a brighter, friendlier colors partnering them with a set of patterns and illustrations with the intention of giving Ned a positive and energetic identity.

Ned On-Boarding Info Card

The Ned information Card is the first point of contact between Ned and all potential users. Ned is introduced to the user through their urologist via the information card. The card’s purpose is to give the user more context about Ned and what the on-boarding process would look like; especially since Ned’s target demo is older men, who may not be the most tech savy, I wanted to make sure that they were fully informed about the next step they needed to take in order to successfully use Ned.

The information card also provided a great chance to refine the identity and further establish the brand elements introduced in the emails.