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Fun Time

A collection of experiments and side projects that I work in my free time usually on the week end.

Song — Child's Play


A series of posters of based on lyrics from Drake songs, designed as a birthday gift for a friend of mine.

A logo for the poster series.
Song — Trophies
Song — Practice

BioConnect Iconography

Some Icons I created during my time as a freelance designer at BioConnect.

BioConnect is a biometrics company that asked me to design some icons. The icons depict the different biometric identifications.

Oh and I also created icons for devices that would be be part of the BioConnect Ecosystem.

Farewell to The Burger in The Little Pink Room

Good bye Harbord Room and thank you for the memories ❤

A few words I wrote in tribute to the Harbord Room, a Toronto resturant, closing its doors forever after seven years of feeding the people of Toronto awesome food!

Satirical Type

2016 was a politically historic year for both the US and the UK. Near the end of the year I started creating images in reaction to these events and started uploading them to Instagram.

The first one was in reaction to the Donald Trump's winning the election.


The Future..

The second one was more of a reaction to how entire year went, from Brexit to the Trump victory.


Happy New Years Everyone!! 🎉 🎆 🎉 🎆


Posters I made as a tribute to a friend of mine, for his birthday. Using some of his pictures and things from his life as the primary focus.

The logo based on his face. Used on the back of the posters.